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Engine warning light and car diagnostic testing in Sutton

SWB Autos in Sutton provide car diagnostic checks and testing for vehicle's who have engine warning lights appearing on the dashboard. If you’re not sure what is wrong with your car, we’ll conduct a diagnostic check and scan to test where the fault is coming from. This is so that we can repair it efficiently and effectively, getting you back on the road.

When do I need a car diagnostic check?

Can you see illuminated warning lights on the dashboard of your car? If so, you're likely in need of some engine diagnostics. These days, cars are very technologically advanced and therefore, advanced diagnostic equipment is required to find out why a car isn’t performing correctly. There are hundreds of reasons why your vehicle could be showing a warning light. Therefore, the quickest way to check for this is to scan the system to find the cause of the fault. This allows us to identify a specific code and therefore, location of the fault. When a warning light appears, it can indicate a problem from hundreds of potential options. A car diagnostic check helps to narrow this down. The exact code identified allows the mechanic to find the location of the problem. Therefore, saving lots of time looking for it.

Car warning lights

If you’re having a problem with your car showing warning lights, it’s always best to get it checked out with a professional. Whilst some issues can be minor, your warning lights are linked to a number of different components. We prioritise the safety of our customers over anything else, so will always be happy to provide guidance and support if you’re having difficulties with your car. Book online for a car diagnostic check or simply contact us for advice.

Engine diagnostic testing

During your diagnostic check on your car, we’ll scan your engine’s control unit to find the location of the problem. It links to all components within the system including your engine, oil and fluid levels, cables and wiring, exhaust and more. Our scanning tool helps to identify fault codes within the system which come up on the report after the test is complete. Our mechanics can then find what needs to be repaired.

Customer approval on car repair

If you need repairs on your car, we’ll notify you of the outcome, inclusive of pricing of parts, labour and VAT. With your approval, we’ll go ahead and conduct the work always aiming to be complete the next day. We won’t conduct repairs without your approval, that way you can have confidence in our garage services.

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