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Tyre Repairs and Fitting – SWB Autos

Tyre replacements, balancing and puncture repairs

At SWB Autos, we provide and supply premium, mid-range and budget tyres. In addition to this we provide tyre checks, wheel balancing, wheel alignment and puncture repairs at our Sutton garage. If you’re worried about your tyres being legal on the road, we’ll provide a visual inspection to check the tyre tread depth. We can also check to see if there might be something else going on that could be causing your tyres to wear unevenly or faster than usual. Make sure your tyres are checked and changed, if required, before your next MOT.

Old and worn-out tyres compromise the safety and performance of your car

Change your car tyres at regular intervals

Having your tyres changed will result in a noticeably improved driving experience. More grip, sharper turning, improved traction and better gas mileage included. With all of that in mind, having your tyres changed when needed is very important for your safety.

If your car tyres have obvious damage or cracks it can cause blow outs when driving. This can be a serious safety issue and should be looked at as soon as possible.

Fitting tyres for any model

Here at SWB Autos, we specialise in supplying and fitting car tyres from any price bracket and for any car model. When you come to us for a tyre change, we’ll recommend the best tyres for your car. We’ll take into account your requirements and budget. Once you know which tyres you want, we’ll fit them to the absolute highest standard, inclusive of valves, balancing and testing the tyres on the road.

Purchase the right tyres for your car

Our aim is to make purchasing the right tyre at the right price as simple as possible. Our tyre selector will guide you to the ideal tyres for your vehicle from thousands of tyres from the world’s leading brands. This includes Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli. We have great prices on all tyres ranging from budget to premium tyres. We’ll also recommend tyres that suit your budget, if you’re not sure what to get. Simply book your car tyres online to have them fitted at a time convenient to you, and let us do the rest.